The Terrible Two’s |

Every parent you meet will tell you about “The terrible Two’s” but they don’t exactly tell you what they mean by that, except that it is the worst time in parenthood. So eventually when I became a mum I was a bit anxious for when she will hit the two year old mark as I didn’t know what to really expect.

What most parents mean by “The terrible two’s” is simply that they find their toddler a bit more “difficult” at this age. It’s an age where they understand more about life and what is happening around them and where they learn some trick to get what they want from their parents. However, to me I saw Haley becoming abit more difficult before she turn two. So it is not straight after she turn two that she was a bit more full on to deal with, it was a gradual thing from one and a half till she became two.

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First day back at work |

Like the title itself, today was my first day back to work. The last time i was working was probably nearly 3 years ago! It’s definitely been a long time since i’ve been surrounded by people other than my daughter😂

I will say it does definitely feel good to be able to be out of the house, working and not being a full time mum. Don’t get me wrong i love and enjoy being a full time mum and spend everyday with my daughter but i also missed not being able to work.

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First Ambulance Ride |

Today has been very hectic, Haley woke up with a fever so we stayed home and I monitor her making sure her fever doesn’t go to high.

Throughout the day she’s been well and happy. She was running around the house like usual, talking, singing and dancing. I knew night time, will be the hardest as her fever tend to go higher at night time. Once she went to bed, she started having a convulsions and i knew i needed to keep my calm this time and just dial 000.

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I can see myself in her |

She’s just a tiny human being and yet I can already sense “me” in her. I’m not talking about the fact that she’s half me & half my husband but about her being her own human being. Her character is starting to show more and more everyday, and each time I see her personality I’m amazed at how she’s just like a “mini me”. Now people and even myself will be asking, “well is that a good or bad thing?” and to be honest to me it can be both good & bad.

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How to cope when bub is sick |

Well Haley has been on and off sick since last week, probably due to day care. You heard a lot of mum saying, “baby usually tend to get more sick frequently when going to day care” and “It will be hard but in the long run it will help boosts their immune system”. However, sometime they forget to say how hard it will be for the parents as well, most likely the hardest on the mum.

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Separation Anxiety |

I’ve heard of separation anxiety in kids, however I didn’t know whether it would actually apply to me. Haley went to her 4th day of child care today, previously when I would drop her off she was always happy to go and play with the toys or do her favourite activity “painting” but today it was completely different. As soon as we reach the child care she started crying, she hang onto me and wouldn’t let go, of course seeing her like that just break my heart. I wanted to just take her back home but I know that I needed to be strong for her and for me, she is growing up and need to learn it’s OK if mummy or daddy is not around for couple of hours.

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Things they don’t tell you after childbirth|

People don’t usually talk much about what happen to a women body after childbirth. The main focus is usually on the pregnancy, the delivery and life with a baby but what about the changes that occurs to a woman body after given birth?

Well I’ve decided to write about the changes that i noticed have happen to me after given birth to Haley. Of course, it doesn’t mean because I’ve experienced those changes that every women will undergo the same. Everyone is different as we all experience pregnancy and labor differently, the same will apply to our body after childbirth.

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First day of Child Care |

Oh gosh..I’m sitting here and writing to you guys and wondering where did the times go! I remember as if it was yesterday, I was telling my husband I would enrol Haley into a child care for 2018 as I needed some hours to myself to relax and be able to work on some project. Well today is the day! Haley is currently on her first day at child care and to be honest it was quite emotional dropping her off and saying Goodbye to her.

I guess all parents know there child is growing but sometime we just don’t want to admit it as we want them to stay our little baby for as long as possible. However, dropping her off today just hit me hard, because i had to admit to myself she’s no longer a baby but a toddler and soon enough it will not be at child care that I will be dropping her but at primary school.

She’s been at child care for over 2 hrs now and I still have’t done much haha! The room just feel so empty and quiet without her here. My mind just keep wondering on what she could be doing at this moment ~ is she happy at child care with all the toys, Is she missing me, Is she crying, Is she eating her food etc. As it’s her first day, the teacher recommend to only keep her for half day as it can be upsetting for children on their first day.  Here I am waiting impatiently for the time to come for me to pick her up. I never would have thought I will miss her that much, not seeing her big cheeky smile or hearing her cheeky laugh and I even miss her pulling my hair & using my back as a horse haha!

” You don’t know what unconditional love is. You may say you do, but if you don’t have a child, you don’t know what that is. But when you experience it, it is the most fulfilling ever.” – Regina King


She’s just a child |

How many times have you heard the phrase, “She’s just a child” ~ She’s just a child she won’t remember or she’s just a child she doesn’t understand. Well i’ve heard it one too many times, so here I am writing about it!

To all those who believes because she’s just a child so she doesn’t understand what you teaching her or what is happening around her, well let me tell you how wrong you are! Because even if she’s just a child, she certainly understand everything we teaching her and she sees how people are behaving and she will copy and do exactly the same. Even I was surprise at the things that Haley knows, because I didn’t taught it to her but she saw me doing it and she copied it.

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Life Changes in 2018 |

Like the title itself, 2018 will be a year where drastic change will be happening in my life but also my family life. As mention before my husband parents have a business in Vanuatu and my mother-in-law have advised my husband to take over their family business, otherwise she will closed it down. Like I said, me and Haley cannot live in Vanuatu as the lifestyle doesn’t suit us but also because Haley will be starting day care this year.

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